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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Motor Oil

Motor oil is critical to the operation of an internal combustion engine. In fact, an engine will destroy itself if it runs without motor oil for more than few seconds. As a vehicle owner, you should know the basics about motor oil. The more you know about it, the better you’re able to maintain your engine.

In this case, we got you covered. This guide has all the information you’ll ever need about motor oil.

First things first. Let’s talk about why motor oil is so important to your engine. It’s because motor oil lubricates the engine. Engines have many moving parts that rub on each other at high speed. To prevent those parts from wearing out, an engine needs proper lubrication. Motor oil provides the long-term lubrication the engine needs while withstanding high temperatures. Motor oil also serves another important purpose. It actually cools some of the components within the engine.

This post has more information about why engines need motor oil. Your car doesn’t only need motor oil, though. It needs clean motor oil.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing The Oil In Regular Intervals?

Changing the oil in your car can be a drag. It takes time and costs money. But it’s absolutely necessary. Here’s why:

The oil stays clean: Changing the oil in regular intervals ensures that clean oil runs through your engine at all times. Clean oil is crucial to the engine’s health and longevity. This post explains why.

Clean oil saves you money on gas: Your engine needs motor oil with low viscosity. Clean oil has low viscosity, which means that it is thin. As oil gets dirty, it gets thicker. Thicker oil is harder to pump, which means the oil pump has to work harder to circulate oil around the engine. Fuel indirectly powers the oil pump. So the harder an oil pump works, the more fuel it uses up. This post explains the link between motor oil and fuel economy in more detail.

Clean oil cools some of the components within the engine: Some components inside the engine are actually cooled by a continuous spray of oil. Clean, thin oil sprays well. Dirty, thick oil does not spray well. An engine with dirty, thick oil will have some components running hotter than they should, which causes them to wear fast.

Clean oil keeps the small passageways within the engine clean: The engine lubrication system is full of small passageways. Dirty oil clogs up these passageways. This keeps some of the components from receiving clean oil. This will overheat these components and cause a lot of engine problems.

To sum it up, clean oil keeps your engine healthy and functional for a very long time. Unless you want to pay a lot of money for engine repairs, change your oil in regular intervals! Your engine will thank you.