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Geneve Motor Engine Oil - Tuk Tuk


Geneve Motor Engine Oil

Geneve Motor Engine Oil for Tuk-Tuk is a Premium Quality engine oil developed for 4-stroke autos and 3-wheelers running on CNG/LPG. The product is made from highly paraffinic base stocks and fortified with select additives to deliver satisfactory performance benefits in Autos and 3- wheelers running on CNG/LPG. Geneve tuk tuk engine oil is available in 20W 50 viscometrics. Its superior additive chemistry ensures protection against oxidation and nitration caused due to high-temperature combustion of CNG/LPG Fuels in the Engine. The right dosage of anti-wear and balanced detergency helps to protect the engine from wear and deposits, resulting in trouble-free operation for longer service intervals.



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Benefits and Advantages

• Improved fuel economy & power output.

• Reduced emissions & Enhances life of crankcase.

• Extended drain capability & Superior lubrication-increased engine life.

• Single oil for fleet owners with CNG, dual-fuel, and gasoline vehicles.